Sunday, September 30, 2007

The day of a little man with a long name

Nothing like a rally against someone who doesn't even deserve that attention to bring me out with my sketchbook.


Let me start this blog with a story.

It had already been a long, loud morning. Extensive lines at the airport, many security checks and the signature of the summer getaway- delay. Finally on board to my vacation in the Dominican Republic, I eased into my seat and started to record what was going on around me. If you've never been on a plane to Santo Domingo, then picture this- SOLD OUT-families with children, mamas, pappis, grandmas and grandpas, aunts, uncles, all dressed for the tropics, LOTS of luggage, music, smiles, high heels, music, music, music. I had a field day of models and body language, character and gesture, and my hand was flying over the page as I got caught up in the excitement of everyone.
Across the aisle to my right I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a young girl watching me. It was hard not to see that she was beautiful, a young teenager and also challenged. Her hands were clenched and her head bobbed and weaved. Her huge bright eyes were on me as I was drawing and her smile was as bright as the sunshine we were heading to.
She started to motion to me that she wanted to draw.
Now, the smile was on my face. I gladly handed over my sketchbook and pen. She was focused and determined, she managed my cartidge pen like a pro, and she clearly knew what she wanted to draw.
This is her drawing-I love the way that is speaks to the country that we were heading to and romanticizes her vision of it.
She offered it to me, and I gladly accepted- and I offered her mine- and she accepted!
We exchanged smiles and this spoke volumes. I can think of no better drawing for my first post on my first blog-

This drawing is truly the seduction of the sketchbook.