Friday, December 28, 2012

Exit Dancing

The end of a chaotic semester and year has finally arrived. I was long awaiting a first trip to a conference in San Juan Puerto Rico when Hurricane Sandy hit. I thought that I would not be going, but everything went ahead as planned and off they sent me. I had survivor's guilt. In my neighborhood, the Upper West Side in Manhattan,it was life as usual-one could barely tell that there had been a devastating storm, and now, here I was in the glorious sunshine. I could not cope- and barely left my room until the sun went down- it was just too strange. So, no daytime drawings, but instead, a few made one night while dining to Flamenco- the fierce stomping of the dancer's feet and the extreme emotion in their faces brings to mind the passion with which we are moving forward through both of the Sandys of recent months. Nothing to do but exit dancing and take on the new year. Wishing you all a productive and peaceful year~ Melanie