Sunday, January 22, 2017


Though there is more scanning to do, I needed to shout today, I feel so empowered, so much a part of the MILLIONS of women- and the men who love them, came out in record numbers around the globe to speak to our inherent rights and those who want to dismiss them.
What a day. I marched in Washington DC, and was overcome with emotion the entire day. I drew my way through most of the day- walking, talking, chanting, singing, loving and smiling. Still smiling.
I am going to let my drawings do the talking. More to come.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Protest Reportage Featured

Thanks to the incredible courtroom and reportage artist, Elizabeth Williams for the feature on Courtroom Illustrated. I am really honored to be in the company of Liz and other impressive artists who know the challenges and the thrills of drawing on location, capturing the message and the emotion of what is front of us. This is a perfect prelude to what is to come this weekend in Washington. I'll be heading to the march with 200,000 of my sisters- and some brothers, too. Speak up and keep at it. Dignity, kindness, compassion, health and peace is at risk for the ugly, racist, backwards thinking that has emerged with this new administration. NO!!!!!

Let your legs RESIST!

After some great feedback and ideas, I've made my RESIST! art into leggings! You can order them here: And they look like this:


With the Womens' March on Washington coming at full speed, the momentum and sisterhood is growing! Francois Mouly, AD from New Yorker Magazine, put a call out to women illustrators to submit for a publication that will distributed, and is now being sold. I am thrilled to be a part of RESIST! Here is the art: