Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pride Without Prejudice

There are barely words to describe being witness to the Pride Parade in New York City today, but I will try. Jubilation, reverence, defiance, happiness, indignation, respect, fun, honor, fun, fearless, free and of course, pride. All there, multiplying those messages with every group that congregated, every flag that flew, every float that passed, every heel, garter, eyelash, wig, flower, proposal and kiss. What a day to celebrate that no matter who you are and why you came. It was about to love and respect each other.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"Take A Look at This, Ugly!"

That's what I feel like saying to the hate mongers among us in this world. I arrived to The Stonewall Inn vigil for the Orlando shooting victims a little trepidatious. Though I love drawing big crowds, 
I am always a little nervous, having been trampled at an outdoor concert many years ago. I need not have worried. When I first arrived, people were milling about, the street not yet crowded. There was a palpable sadness in the air, and I watched, feeling kind of intrusive, as people laid flowers and 
wiped tears from their eyes, unabashedly, often hugging loved ones, and yes, strangers. 
Soon, the crowds thickened, but the air of peace and loving still enveloped us. 
Reporters, press, police, all very chill and very beautiful. 
There were signs and chants, all supportive. And the numbers grew, as did the feeling of community, shared sadness but also, purposefulness, waiting for the arrival of the governor, 
the mayor and the chief of police.
Before I knew it, I realized that I was in the midst of what seemed like thousands of people. Every so often, a collective chant would erupt, flags were waving, signs were held high, and bios of the victims distributed. Even as people walked through the crowd, there was a unity, a beauty, a calm 
and lots of love, of love, of love.

So, take that, ugly- you who choose to discriminate, to separate, to dare to think about denying the happiness and fulfillment of a life based on narrow minded, biased opinions.