Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I've just returned from teaching a drawing workshop at the Urban Sketchers Symposium-an exciting, invigorating assemblage of 200 people from 23 countries who descended on Lisbon, Portugal for the singular purpose of drawing on location. Music to my ears, the stuff dreams are made of, pennies from heaven, whatever other expression one could assign to a dream of yours- this was what it was like for me. Lisbon is a beautiful city. In betwixt and between the Naples Yellow buildings are tiled roofs for miles and squares, or largos, at the end of most of the cobbled streets, winding up and down hills galore. Most of these drawings are from in and around Largo Rossio, where my session took place and Largo Chiado, where I sat in with the wonderful Frank Ching and Pedro Cabral, who led us up a couple of hills, the reward of which was one of the best lunches that I had in Lisbon.