Monday, June 16, 2014

Ribbit! Frogfolio for Dellas Graphics

Once a year, for many years, a proliferation of beautifully illustrated frogs- riding bicycles, 
playing baseball, painting, drinking, just about anything that you can think of, 
populate the pages of illo annuals, and now, websites, blogs and FB. 
All for Frogfolio from Dellas Graphics, 
who gives the juicy assignment with only one caveat: there has to be one frog.
This year, with a huge thank you to AD Jim Burke, I will have a frog, a poison dart frog, 
turning the tables, charming the snake that usually eats him~
I am very honored.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hello, Sailor!

It was the culmination of Fleet Week in New York City and a finer day could not be had-sunny,
glorious Memorial Day on the Hudson River. The big ships had made their passage and now, thousands of people jammed the piers to celebrate those who serve and have served. This drawing of the Intrepid is one of so many that I have made over the years, but each and every time, I do get a kind of chill that overcomes me when I think of the reason that this beauty comes to sit practically in my back yard. We thought that we would see so many sailors, but they must have been out and about enjoying what NYC has to offer a sailor on leave….:) 
The Intrepid is a NYC landmark and this drawing will be part of a show 
at the Society of Illustrators about NYC landmarks.

UPDATE: I have learned that this is one of twelve pieces selected for the calendar
that will be reproduced from the show.