Saturday, July 1, 2017

I Shook My Groove Thing

Yes, it is true. I am an old disco queen. I went from rocking out to David Bowie, when the songs were new, to leaving home at 11pm, totally dolled up, only to roll into work at Newsweek Magazine the next morning after dancing the night away. So, you can imagine my joy when Mid-Summer Night Swing at Lincoln Center hosted Disco Night. Every night for two weeks, the plaza is mobbed with people who seriously come to dance to all kinds of music, and then, the voyeurs, like me. Everybody loves everybody on these nights. People dance with those they come with, and those who just happen to be next to them. Smiles all around. It is a real NY spectacle gem and tradition of summer nights in NY.  It is also an urban sketchers dream, with so many characters and so much activity. My fantasy of being a back up singer was realized as I grabbed a piece of stone bench to the side and stood, at first, drawing, then boogie, then, drawing, then boogie, and then, well, could not help it, I was swirling and dancing and drawing all at once, with thousands of other New Yorkers who were re-living their days of glory. I'm going to go, now. I should be dancin' yeah.