Monday, March 17, 2014

The Beach in Any Season

I set out with a friend for a short, albeit indulgent, trip to the beach a few weekends ago in February. Yes, the beach saves, no matter the season. Off we piled into the infamous Jitney on an early, cold, Saturday morning, layered up, anticipating the expansive, stark sky and the drama of the ocean, unfurling those waves that seem to crash louder and colder in the off season. We also imagined luxuriating in the plushy seats of the bus, lolling us to sleep as we passed through the city, further out on Long Island, with the hint of small town America appearing further and further east. WRONG. How did we not know that we were heading out in the heat of the summer rental house-hunting season?! The bus was crowded beyond anything that we could have imagined, and we were surrounded by twenty something girls, (mostly) twirling their hair incessantly and speaking much louder than necessary about who is rooming with who and how could he date her when he is living with them?! The nerve! Well, after the short shock value, it did become kind of comical, and I suppose we were rewarded, as we were upgraded to a two bedroom suite with wrap around windows when we arrived- and a major snowstorm to boot! So, there we were, literally on the beach, with the snow swirling and the waves crashing, the weeds dancing outside the windows- so close we were swaying with them.
Just one night took my breath away for days.